Massage & Massage therapy
Massage is an effective, enjoyable and relaxing treatment that has both a rehabilitative and preventive effect for  body and soul. 
Both physical and psychological effects are positive.

The release of peace-hormone, oxytocin and pain-relieving endorphin hormones in our bodies, making us more calm and relaxed.
Massage Therapy solves muscle tension and stretch tight muscles and increase mobility. Blood circulation in the tense and sore muscles growing properly and contributes to pain relief, relaxation and healing.

A regular massage is very good for getting rid of waste products in muscles, so that they become more flexible and easier to process.
In my work as yogateacher, I often see how massage can help tight muscles that restrict movements. 
It should not take years of yoga to get into certain movements. Often, the muscles are not working properly, and then they need treatments.
I am also happy to give you tips on stretching exercises.

I’m trained and certified massage therapist and can give you a pleasant and relaxing massage or treatment of injuries and imbalances in the body with massage therapy depending on what you need.          


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